What can be Learned from a Week with No Meetings

Meetings offer a good way to connect with your team, but they can also be time-consuming. You can get similar results if you avoid holding multiple meetings and instead rely on cloud services and calendar solutions for planning and communication. If you didn’t attend any meetings for an entire week, and here’s what you would learn from this experience.

A more productive work week – no meetings

Meetings take a lot of time to plan and manage. So yes, not holding any meetings will allow you to focus on solving tasks faster and more efficiently. If you focus on finishing top priorities first, the additional time will allow you to plan the next week. Not having any meetings will clear up a lot of time, which can be used to optimize the way you work.

A better way to communicate with your team

Meetings tend to be very formal, and they offer as much as regular communication. Outlining your ideas to your team can be as simple as sending an email. You don’t have to spend hours talking with your team and other people as you try to reach a common ground, as proper communication and time management can be improved outside of a meeting.

You’ll start to rely on tech a lot more

Many tech tools are available to make your work progress a lot easier. From secure cloud-based storage to communication tools or file sharing apps, all of these are a pleasure to use. They also make life a whole lot easier every day. You will be able to manage and share calendars online, use messaging apps, store information in the cloud, store and manage contacts online, and so much more!

The company saves a lot of money

Meetings are very expensive. If you stop attending meetings and just focus on work, the company will save a lot of money in the end! With increased company profits, the pressure to perform lessens a bit, and the work environment becomes a little more fun.

Life planning

Not attending meetings allows you to better plan your life. As a result, you get to manage your time at work a lot easier, and you also obtain the stuff of dreams: a better work-life balance. For example, you will be able to make time after work to spend with family or pursue a hobby since you will not be stuck in mandatory meetings.

Peace of mind

Most meetings are very stressful, so avoiding them will bring more peace of mind. Without them, you can focus on your daily tasks without being distracted by anything else! You will have a clear understanding of each task, and you get to avoid the stress of planning or attending a meeting. There is no need to prepare for the meeting, you won’t feel anxious sitting through the meeting, or worry how you will be perceived at the meeting. This brings about tremendous peace of mind.

As you can see, not attending meetings for one week comes with a huge range of benefits. Of course, meetings have their own importance, but you can easily replace them with other technologies, especially cloud-based calendar management.

You can share relevant information via email if possible, and you can also use video chat tools to connect with anyone when you need to talk face to face. Not attending meetings will help you get more done, so you can easily skip those non-important meetings from time to time if you want to! It just may end up improving your schedule and boosting your productivity!


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Written by Charles – click here to check out his site!