Avoid loss with a digital vault

Do you need a digital vault? 3 Questions to Ask

Do you need an online vault? If you only had 10 minutes to evacuate your home, what could you locate and grab? Your birth certificate? Financial documents? That photo of your grandparents?

How much would you lose if you didn’t have digital copies in a secure location like a vault?

LegacyVault provides just that—a secure place to store digital copies of the things you would hate to lose. Sometimes replacing them is just a hassle, but other times they are irreplaceable and once lost, are gone forever.

Based on the following 3 questions, LegacyVault may be the perfect solution for you:

1) Have you ever misplaced or lost an important document, photo or video?

How many hours have we all spent digging through file drawers and boxes, trying to find that one thing? LegacyVault provides a simple system to file and easily find everything. Well, we can’t help you find your glasses, but we can keep track of darn near everything else.

2) Do you worry about things like privacy and security?

It seems like hacking, identity theft and ‘we’re sorry’ letters from companies are becoming the norm.  However, it absolutely does not have to be like that for you. There are secure ways—very secure ways, in fact—to safely keep data. Your data. Personal data. This is why we made LegacyVault. It is a cloud-based platform with a revolutionary approach to users’ privacy and security. You can store your private documents and family keepsakes in a standard cloud-based service, which requires full rights to see and distribute what is yours, or you can store it in a vault. An online vault, to be specific, that uses military-grade security. A vault so secure that even we can’t get into it. A vault that only you (and people you personally invite) can get access to. A LegacyVault.

3) Are there things you want to make sure aren’t forgotten?

We call it LegacyVault because it’s not just for the here and now, but also for the future. It’s for the people who will need to know where the copy of your will is, or for the people who are gazing at a memory in that very old photo. Imagine if your loved ones had access to your easily-organized life, digitized. Not only would they be able to find important documents, but also have access to family photos and videos you kept, even personal messages you made.

Unlike other cloud-based services, LegacyVault does not have the right to use, distribute or modify your data. (Let’s just say that those Terms of Service can allow for a shocking amount of privacy-breaching. We should read them way more carefully.) We are all about the privacy and security of our users’ data.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your next step should be to learn how LegacyVault can support your family’s present and future. Click here to find out more or to sign up for a free account. We think you’ll be glad you did.